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What Are the Root Causes of Project Problems and Failures?

Before you can plan and manage a successful project, the first step is to understand the root cause of project problems and failures. Virtually all troubled or failed projects can trace their problems back to a lack of:

  1. Feasibility
  2. Ownership
  3. Organization
  4. Definition
  5. Planning
  6. Alignment
  7. Resources
  8. Control (FOOD-PARC)

These root causes manifest themselves into recognizable symptoms that either slow or completely stall the project schedule, drain resources, and destroy the patience, good will, and support of stakeholders. If these root causes are left unchecked, failure is a near certitude.

At F.L. McNamara Consulting, Inc., we teach project managers how to focus all their efforts on minimizing or eliminating these root causes in order to deliver consistently successful projects to your now satisfied - dare we say delighted? - stakeholders.

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Project Management Consulting

Live Online Classes

Attend our On-Line (Live) classes from the comfort of your home or office (No dress code!). Interact with the instructor and other class participants. See live video of the instructor as they present their presentation slides, video and examples. Two audio options: 1) Through your computer with headset (VOIP), or 2) Dial-in over your phone (additional charge applies)

Project Management Training
Project Management Courses

Recorded Classes

Attend our On-Line (Recorded 24/7) classes from the comfort of your home or office any day at any time - day or night. Take up to 30 days to view.

project management courses


Project Management Training

On-site training

These on-site courses - which are available in a public, group format or private, one-on-one training - are an in-depth presentation of the Top Ten Causes of Project Failure, a standard 5-Phase IT Project Life Cycle, and Methodology and Project Management Processes, Techniques, Tips, and Tools.

IT Project Management
IT Project Management

PMP Exam preparation

This 5-day (or 10 half-day) covers everything you'll need to know to qualify for, take and pass PMI's PMP exam. Classes are offered live on-line, recorded on-line and on-site at your organization. Includes study materials and practice questions.

project management courses