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Project Management Persuasion and Influence

(1-days, 8 PDUs and 2-days, 16 PDUs)

A project manager’s success is highly dependent on his/her ability to lead, motivate, persuade and influence management, customers, team members and other project stakeholders.  Without direct authority, project managers have to use their knowledge, experience, skills, wits and personality to get things done.

 This course presents 15 of the most common stakeholder challenges during the project lifecycle and the persuasion and influence techniques project managers can use to overcome these challenges. Project situations where a project manager needs these techniques include:

  • Approvals
  • Sponsorship and Support
  • Commitment to:
    • Complete work
    • Attend and engage in meetings
    • Provide input: Requirements, Estimates, Scheduling, Risk/Issues, etc.
  • Motivation and Attitude

Based on psychological and personality research, this course presents more than 20 proven techniques to obtain stakeholders trust, commitment, and agreement – ultimately getting more accomplished faster and easier. 

Course Agenda

  1. Persuasion Drives Project Management
  2. Project Persuasion Situations
  3. Project Situations Types
  4. Project Stakeholders
  5. Why Use Persuasion Techniques
  6. Effective Persuasion
  7. Good and Bad Persuasion
  8. Auto-Pilot and Triggers
  9. Two Methods of Persuasion
  10. Persuasion & Influence Techniques (1-day class includes only first 4 areas)
    – Logic vs. Emotion
    – Commitment & Consistency
    – Reciprocity
    – Connecting with People
    – Conformity
    – Scarcity
    – Language
    – Compare and Contrast
    – Expectations
    – Involvement
    – Esteem
    – Association
  1. Emotions that persuade
  2. Persuasion Planning
    – Beliefs and Values
    – Change Assessment
    – Audience Types: Hostile, Neutral, Uninformed, Supportive
    – Listening skills
    – Personality Types – Myers Briggs
       •          Determining Personality Type
       •          Influencing Strategies by Personality
  3. Developing and Giving Presentations/Arguments

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