project management courses
project management courses

Train on-site or from the comfort of your own home! If you prefer studying from home, you can choose from recorded online courses or live, interactive, instructor-led online courses. Prefer learning in person? We offer both public courses and private, on-site instruction.

project management courses
project management consulting

In addition to a full curriculum of project management courses, F.L. McNamara Consulting, Inc. provides strategic and tactical project management consulting services.

project management consulting
IT project management

Templates & Tools CDROM
Over 350 Project Management Templates and Tools + Related Article (See CDROM Detail Content Listing).

IT project management

Project Management Training and Consulting Services

In today’s economy, organizations’ expenditures are being intensely scrutinized, and rightfully so. Management is selective with the projects they choose, seeking those that offer the most complete balance of Return on Investment (ROI), Time to Payback, and acceptable Business Risk. It is imperative that these projects are managed in such a way as to maximize resource utilization and the efforts of your workforce. These can be achieved if project managers and their teams undergo project management training on a regular basis.

In today’s competitive economic environment, there is simply no margin for project delays and cost overruns. But with PMP exam preparation and project management courses from F.L. McNamara Consulting, Inc. (FLMCI), you and your fellow project managers can learn the processes and acquire tools that will ensure that the root causes of project problems are mitigated and eliminated.

Our services include proven project management consulting and training, methods, techniques, tips, templates, and tools to ensure consistent project success. Our project management training programs, which are available either online (live or recorded) or on-site, will train you to effectively oversee each phase of the project, step-by-step, from the first day of the proposal to project completion and ongoing operations and support.

Only capable instructors, who are industry experts, and established project managers are tasked to handle the PMP exam prep and project management courses here at F.L. McNamara Consulting, Inc. (FLMCI). We don’t base our lessons on hypothetical situations, and instead, focus on providing lessons and insights that equip students with “real world” skills and knowledge that they can use in their jobs as well as in actual projects outside the classroom.

PMP Certification Exam Preparation

Having the credentials to match your experience is critical to differentiating yourself in a highly competitive work environment. Whether you plan on advancing from your current position or are considering new employment opportunities, taking our PMP exam prep course and eventually obtaining your PMP Certification will prove to be an invaluable method of bolstering your career.

By completing our PMP Certification Exam Preparation course, which can be taken either online or on-site (at your company), you will be well on your way towards becoming a highly knowledgeable, effective, and irreplaceable project manager.

Project Management Consulting

In addition to our popular curriculum of project management training courses, FLMCI provides strategic and tactical project management consulting services designed for businesses in the real world.

Each business has unique project management needs, and as such, our highly trained FLMCI project management consultants will evaluate existing or planned projects for efficiency and effectiveness. We will assess your current procedures, as well as the risks and issues that may be prohibiting your business from maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI). We can also recommend project management courses that you and your fellow project managers and teams can take in order to attain certain PM-specific goals.

Our time-tested best practices for project management consulting are proven to increase productivity and quality, streamline your project’s life cycle, and improve project delivery and resource utilization. Profitability will only stand to improve by cutting down on costs, resources and delivery time.

What Are the Root Causes of Project Problems and Failures?

Before you can plan and manage a successful project, the first step is to understand the root cause of project problems and failures. In our project management training courses, we have determined that virtually all troubled or failed projects can trace their problems back to a lack of the following:

  1. Feasibility
  2. Ownership
  3. Organization
  4. Definition
  5. Planning
  6. Alignment
  7. Resources
  8. Control (FOOD-PARC)

These root causes manifest themselves into recognizable symptoms that can slow down or completely stall the project schedule, drain resources, and destroy the patience, good will, and support of stakeholders. If these root causes are left unchecked, failure is a near certainty.

At F.L. McNamara Consulting, Inc., we offer PMP exam prep as well as an extensive selection of project management courses. Our online and onsite project management training will teach project managers how to focus all their efforts on minimizing or eliminating these root causes in order to deliver consistently successful projects to your now satisfied – dare we say delighted? – stakeholders.

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Project Management Consulting

Live Online Classes

Attend our On-Line (Live) classes from the comfort of your home or office (No dress code!). Interact with the instructor and other class participants. See live video of the instructor as they present their presentation slides, video and examples. Two audio options: 1) Through your computer with headset (VOIP), or 2) Dial-in over your phone (additional charge applies)

Project Management Training

Project Management Courses

Recorded Classes

Attend our On-Line (Recorded 24/7) classes from the comfort of your home or office any day at any time – day or night. Take up to 30 days to view.

project management courses


Project Management Training

On-site training

These on-site courses – which are available in a public, group format or private, one-on-one training – are an in-depth presentation of the Top Ten Causes of Project Failure, a standard 5-Phase IT Project Life Cycle, and Methodology and Project Management Processes, Techniques, Tips, and Tools.

IT Project Management

IT Project Management

PMP Exam preparation

This 5-day (or 10 half-day) covers everything you’ll need to know to qualify for, take and pass PMI’s PMP exam. Classes are offered live on-line, recorded on-line and on-site at your organization. Study materials and practice questions are available.

project management courses